Highly Safe and Accurate

Our Pro Thermal solution, is a hands free AR smart glass  with powerful thermal capabilities, capable of detecting temperature from a distance of about 3 meters and maximum of 6 meters. The infrared sensor solution is useable in airports, schools, parks, workplaces, government security and other high-risk places.

Multi-Person Detection

The solution supports two modes: single-person and multi-person temperature measurement that can detect 10 people simultaneously. The solution is equipped with AI algorithms and multi-point advanced thermal measuring technology. The device can detect temperatures within 0.2 seconds and nearly 1000 people in 1 minute.

Thermal Visualization on Equipment

Obtain a heat signature of what is being looked at via Pro 3’s external Thermal Camera.

Operators and  technicians can remain hands free and evaluate the images for evidence of thermal anomalies that indicates a need for either scheduled or immediate repair.

Examples would be an overheated conveyor bearing transporting combustible materials or belt slippage and other potential hazards found in a bucket elevator.