Pro 3 Government Solutions

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Use Cases

Facial Recognition

In partnership together, NuEyes Technologies Inc. and Secure Planet Inc. have collaborated to integrate the  FABIS-Mobile (FABIS-M) Android Facial Recognition application into the Pro 3 augmented reality (AR)  smart glasses containing optics,   imaging and display components to enable an operator  to perform real-time facial recognition (FR) at ranges of  1m to 120+m. New added features have included the same facial recognition capabilities for those wearing a mask and tattoo identification. The Pro 3 smart glasses allow hands free or device tethered live virtual collaboration of operational and intelligence   information.


Currently being used by the DoD and Homeland security, allowing a Hands-free target identification on the objective. Dismounted foot patrols through markets, villages or cities and low- profile subject identification. Up to 3 million Facial Recognition match results are searchable on the optics' head's 

up display or directly on the Android device with no network connection.


MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations)


“See What I See” live hands free AR communication for remote help and remote glasses control. Connecting technicians to remote experts for live interaction that can shorten problem resolution time by 40%


Step by Step guided workflow instructions overlaid in 3D for wire harness bundling, training, comms repairs, aircraft predictive maintenance, etc.

Battlefield Medicine


Speeding up evacuation time on the battlefield is crucial. Today, gaps exist between the onsite medic & the rear echelon trauma center. The Pro 3 glasses allows for hands free field awareness with instant data at point of injury. This technology allows continuous patient status monitoring while being MEDEVACED. Trauma centers can now monitor patient recovery in near real time


Logistics & Acquisition

Enhanced effectiveness and efficiency to provide improved Warfighter support, product lifecycle, and supply management


Use of hands free Bar Code/QR scanning for near real time visibility for materials, parts, supplies, and equipment and software to transform work into semi or fully automated processes


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