Pro 3 Key Components

2 Connector Options: Controller Unit or USB-C to Connect to Smartphones and Tablets
Dual 6DoF Cameras for SLAM
20 Mega Pixel RGB Camera
Wide 52 Degree Binocular 4K Display
Replaceable Nose Stand
Built-In Stereo
Foldable Arm for Easy Storage 
 Gyroscope, Gravity Sensor, Magnetometer, Light and Distance Sensor

PRO3 Technical Specifications

Light Weight 88 grams

USB Type C Connection to Smartphones

Battery (Depends on smartphone, Samsung s21 approx 8 hr)

52° Field or View

4k Binocular OLED Displays

13 Megapixel Camera

Dual 6DoF Cameras

5G connectivity

IMU – Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Light & Distance

Foldable Arms for easy storage

USB-C Connection

Z87.1 ANSI safety glass and drop test ratings(pending)

Prescription inserts for those with glasses