Pro 3 – Enterprise Ready Smart Glasses

The PRO3 is the most advanced set of AR enabled smartglasses available to enterprise users. The Pro3 seamlessly integrates into any organization’s IT infrastructure. Once IT department has certified a host device as secure, the addition of the PRO3 Smart glasses is no different than adding and additional  computer peripheral like a mouse or a keyboard.

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Use Cases

Remote Assistance

Flying in an expert to a job site is costly and time consuming. Using remote assistance, or “See-what-See” helps improve service levels and reduce travel costs. The user or employee can resolve issues remotely with the Pro 3 glasses, seeing step-by-step instructions and getting interactive on-the-spot guidance from anywhere. Screenshot and annotate to provide help and guidance for your field worker. Save all recordings/screenshots into our secure database for future reference.

Guided Workflows

Unplanned downtime is expensive. Empower your employees with digital step by step instructions overlaid into the Pro 3’s wide field of view. Easily access these hands free instructions to stay on task and follow along while performing work, reducing errors and increased uptime. The Pro 3 enables digital workflow to reach workers when and where they need it, improving productivity and reducing operational errors.

Knowledge Transfer

One of the biggest challenges facing enterprise organizations is the loss of experienced or skilled workers. The PRO3 smart glasses can be instrumental in a transferring tribal knowledge to new or less experienced workers. Less experienced workers can have real-time access to experts, training videos, manuals, and other helpful resources.

3D + Data Visualization

The PRO3 allows users hands-free access to visualization of real time data from equipment (IoT or PLC) and turn it into a visual format that helps workers in the field make the right decisions. Connect to your machines, sensors, and IIOT and see the the data flow into the field of vision. Visualize digital twins to improve predictive maintenance and improve training. Another key advantage to the PRO3 smartglasses to other competitive AR glasses is users can visualize complex 3D models for collaborative design, marketing, and training. Bring 3D models, designs and data into the room with you.

Pro3 Benefits

  • Fast and efficient  troubleshooting

  • Reduced downtime

  • Time and cost-saving on travel expenses

  • Efficient onboarding

  • Improved customer support

  • Better training

  • Reduced risk of mistakes or accidents

  • Better employee safety

  • Enable data and workflow analysis 






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Field Services