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Compatible with the 3D applications you already use. Pro3’s Mixed Reality headsets are compatible with a fast-growing number of professional 3D platforms and software, including Unity, Unreal Engine, PTC Vuforia, all based on an open Android environment to make developing your apps that much easier.



The USB Type C device, allows you to connect to any smart device that renders video via display port. The Pro 3 C connects and displays images in 2D and 3D on most Android phones and tablets, iPads, MacBook’s, and Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 to allow for an open development environment

6Dof Space Recognition

6DoF Space Recognition provides developers with real-time mapping constructs and 3D point clouds, giving applications information about the physical structures of the environment the glasses are in.

Plane Detection

Plane Detection allows Pro 3 glasses to detect flat surfaces (both horizontal and vertical) in the real world. When moving the glasses around, the plane can be extended, and multiple planes can merge into a single plane in an overlap condition

Object and Gesture Recognition

Fast, smooth and accurate recognition

Supporting images and objects

Accurate recognition of various gestures

Stable recognition in dark environment